I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Hohenheim. For my Master’s project I worked on the role of the AUX/IAAs in tissue specific patterning in the lab of Gerd Juergens (Wiejers et al 2005). Following this, I worked in the Weigel lab. I got my PhD at the John Innes Centre in the lab of Phil Wigge. My PhD studies focussed on understanding how FT functions as a mobile floral signal or florigen (Wigge et al 2005; Jaeger et al 2006; Jaeger and Wigge 2007).

Following my PhD I became increasingly interested in complementing genetic studies with modelling approaches to understand the regulatory logic underpining developmental decisions. In collaboration with Richard Morris (JIC, Norwich UK) we created a model for the floral transition (Jaeger et al 2013, Pullen et al., 2013). Since 2013 I have been a Career Development Fellow at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge University where I am a junior group leader.

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